3 Top Tools for Unlocking iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

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I’m glad you have come across this post of mine because here I am reviewing and detailing the easiest way to unlock iPhone 6 and 6 plus on the internet. This means being about to use your iPhone 5 on whatever network you have access to rather than be tied to one expensive contract.

Unlocking the iPhone 6 and 6+ should be straightforward if you use a service to do this for me. However the sad fact is that there are many scams on the internet and I want to warn you about these first before we get into the services that can unlock your iPhone.

So, what are the different ways that are advertised for unlocking the iPhone 6?

Software Unlocking – basically it just doesn’t work. At all.

Don’t be fooled by any advertisements for software unlocking. There are no software unlocks for the iPhone 6 and 6 plusthat work. These pieces of software look the real deal however they have been created simply to scam you out of your money and there is no way in which you will end up with an unlocked iPhone 5. I have made the mistake of trusting not one but two pieces of unlocking software. Learn from my mistakes and avoid at all costs.

Hardware unlocking –OK, it does work but can take over a month to complete

The thing about hardware unlocking is that it does actually work it just that it isn’t very efficient. If you want to unlock the iPhone 6 this way then you need to order in a new SIM card tray from China. This can take up to a month or even longer to be delivered and you have to take out the old one and put the new one in yourself. This actually voids your Apple warranty as it specifically states that you cannot modify the device like this. So if it goes wrong then Apple aren’t going to fix your iPhone 5 for you.

IMEI Unlocking – Fast, efficient and the recommended way to unlock iPhone 6

I’ll put it to you straight. This is the easiest way in which you can unlock the iPhone 6 plus. It is so straightforward. You basically just pay a service (like the ones I have listed below) to add your iPhone’s unique number to Apple’s global whitelist of unlocked iPhone’s. As soon as your IMEI number is added then your iPhone 6+ is unlocked.

With this method you’ll get an email to say that the process has been completed and when you connect to iTunes you’ll see this message to confirm that the process has worked:

There are no issues with being scammed nor does it have any implications for your warranty either.

When you use an IMEI unlocking service you will get an email explaining this and it is permanently unlocked to be used on any network. Indeed, some network carriers offer this for the iPhone 6 plus however they can charge hundreds of dollars.

OK, so now you know about IMEI unlocking. I want to list the top 3 services to have this processed carried out starting with my first preference.


  1. iUnlock Pro – rated 10/10 and will unlock the iPhone 6 quickly

When I talk about the best way to unlock the iPhone 6 then iUnlock pro are always top of my list.

These guys are fantastic and really know how to unlock the iPhone 6 and 6 plus quickly. iUnlock Pro have been receiving my own and my friends and family’s custom for a while now because they are so good.

The first time I tried these guys I signed up on a Wednesday night. I figured it would take until at least the weekend for my iPhone 6 to be unlocked. Boy, was I wrong. I got an email in less than 12 hours to say that the process had been completed successfully.

The customer service team at iUnlock Pro is great as well. They really know how to make you feel at ease with the process and the answered all the questions I had.

For me these guys are a solid 10/10 in every department. In fact, I would choose them over every other IMEI unlocking service on the internet at the minute.

You can find their website at this address.


  1. Apple Unlocker

As a backup to iUnlock Pro, Apple Unlocker isn’t a bad service to use. They do provide a working unlock for the iPhone 6 plus but just aren’t as good as my first choice.

For a start their website isn’t the easiest to navigate around and they don’t accept some of the major payment options that I would normally use which is a pain. When I used them before they didn’t unlock on the same range of networks as iUnlock Pro either.

I mean, if there is an issue with iUnlock Pro then I would certainly recommend these guys but it won’t be as quick an unlock for the iPhone 6.

You can find their site here.


  1. IMEI Codes

These are the last IMEI unlocking service for the iPhone 6 that I want to recommend to you. I would only use them if iUnlock Pro wasn’t working of if my second choice wasn’t available either.

They don’t offer the same level of support as iUnlock Pro and their customer service team isn’t as helpful either but they will provide an unlock for the iPhone 6 and 6+.

Basically look to iUnlock Pro first but IMEI Codes isn’t a bad alternative. You can visit their site here.


So, in conclusion…

  1. iPhone 6 software unlock is just a scam.
  2. iPhone 6 hardware unlock will work but isn’t very efficient and has warranty issues.
  3. iPhone 6 IMEI unlocking is the recommended way in which to unlock your device.
  4. iUnlock Pro is the best service I have found to carry this out for you.


This is all you need to know about unlocking the iPhone 6 and 6 plus. There are many scams out there – software unlocking for instance – however trusting the services that I have mentioned will ensure that you get for what you pay for.

Unlocking is a great way to reduce the costs of owning an iPhone 6 and is highly recommended for every user.

Thanks for reading!


Mike Tutor